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    18 April 2023

    VAT considerations when doing business in the Netherlands

    If you work as a foreign entrepreneur for customers in the Netherlands, you must take various factors into account, including value-added tax.
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    17 April 2023

    Consider VAT for cross-border supplies with installation or assembly

    Are you a machine supplier? Then it is important to pay extra attention to cross-border goods deliveries with installation or assembly.
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    14 April 2023

    The VAT reverse-charge mechanism for activities outside the Netherlands

    Does your company carry out construction work, installation or assembly deliveries outside the Netherlands? Then you may have to deal with the VAT reverse charge mechanism.
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    13 April 2023

    VAT activities abroad? Keep the following in mind

    Do you carry out activities abroad as an entrepreneur? Then keep a close eye on which VAT rules apply to you.
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    11 April 2023

    Consequences for VAT and employees when working abroad

    Please note the following points for attention for VAT and your staff if your company performs activities abroad.
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    7 April 2023

    VAT: distinguish between installation and assembly supplies and immovable property services

    Pay close attention to the VAT rules if you perform work on immovable property or install machines or other goods, especially if you perform work abroad.
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    21 March 2023

    Administrative obligations in the Netherlands for employers established abroad

    Are you an employer established outside of the Netherlands? Then The Act on the Employment Conditions of Workers Posted in the EU applies to you.
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    9 January 2023

    Consequences of the ‘’work where you want’’ proposal for cross-border employment

    Important consequences of the bill De Wet works where you want for you in a row.
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    8 December 2022

    UBO register | Public accessibility

    The European Court of Justice has declared the public access of UBO registers to be unjust. As a result, several European countries have restricted public access to the UBO.