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    9 January 2023

    Consequences of the ‘’work where you want’’ proposal for cross-border employment

    Important consequences of the bill De Wet works where you want for you in a row.
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    8 December 2022

    UBO register | Public accessibility

    The European Court of Justice has declared the public access of UBO registers to be unjust. As a result, several European countries have restricted public access to the UBO.
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    16 November 2022

    Amendment to the Dutch VAT Group | a territorial limitation

    The Decree Turnover tax permanent establishment will be amended as of 1 January 2024.
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    7 October 2022

    These are the changes to the corporate income tax rates

    The first tax bracket for corporate income tax reduces from € 395,000 to € 200,000 in 2023. In addition, the rate applicable to that first bracket increases from 15% to 19%.
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    26 September 2022

    Adjustment box 3 tax levy

    The box 3 tax levy will be adjust in 2023. Read more about this adjustment.
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    26 September 2022

    Real estate to be excluded from the fiscal investment institution (FBI) regime

    As of 1 January 2024, the government wants to introduce a measure in corporate income tax on the basis of which (FBIs) are no longer allowed to invest directly in real estate.
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    26 September 2022

    These are the main changes on the international front

    The Tax Plan 2023 includes a number of changes regarding international businesses. We list the most important changes for you.
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    21 September 2022

    Employees global mobility services

    We have three specialists to support you in the field of global mobility services. Meet our team.
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    17 August 2022

    The work-related expenses scheme for foreign employers in the Netherlands: the options

    The work-related expenses scheme for foreign employers in the Netherlands offers options for tax-free allowances and benefits in kind to employees.