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    6 December 2023

    The work-related costs scheme for foreign employers in the Netherlands: the options

    The work-related costs scheme for foreign employers in the Netherlands offers options for tax-free allowances and benefits in kind to employees.
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    6 December 2023

    Short introduction to hiring your first employee in the Netherlands

    Short introduction to hiring your first employee in the Netherlands. What you need to know.
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    30 November 2023

    When do you, as a foreign employer, become liable for wage tax in the Netherlands?

    National legislation stipulates that wage tax in the Netherlands is levied on withholding agents. You are liable for wage tax if one of the situations below applies.
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    21 November 2023

    VAT: changes in the simplified ABC-scheme

    The Secretary of State for Finance has introduced modified rules regarding the simplified ABC scheme.
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    13 November 2023

    Notification obligation for foreign employers in the Netherlands

    Is your company located in an EU/EEA country or in Switzerland, and does it seconds or sends employees to the Netherlands? Then this Act imposes far-reaching obligations.
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    6 November 2023

    Posted employees? Take Dutch employment law into account

    An international employment relationship can be subject to Dutch employment law. Will your employees be working in the Netherlands for a longer period of time? Read more.
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    13 October 2023

    Amendment of Taxation Rights for Compensation of Corporate Management under the New Tax Treaty between the Netherlands and Belgium

    Compensation paid to a member of corporate management is currently allocated to the country of establishment of the company under the existing tax treaty between the Netherlands and Belgium.
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    19 July 2023

    Transport of goods: think about VAT and Incoterms

    The logistics sector is a complex and dynamic industry in which efficient international trade is crucial. When moving goods across borders, various aspects come into play, such as VAT and Incoterms.
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    19 July 2023

    Changes to social security for cross-border teleworkers

    As of July 1st, the social security rules for cross-border workers who (tele)work from home for an employer in another country will change. The new rules do not apply to all cross-border workers.