Alfa Accountants and Advisors and ABAB are exploring a possible merger

15 May 2024

ABAB and Alfa are exploring a possible merger to combine their unique strengths. The services and client portfolios complement each other well, and the office locations of both organizations are complementary. Both Alfa and ABAB want to be a company that is fully owned by the employees. Both organizations see this as a good alternative to a partnership structure or private equity. Together they have approximately 2,000 employees. If a merger were to occur, the newly formed organization would become a leading provider of accounting and advisory services for small and medium-sized businesses. An organization with strong roots in the agricultural sector. Alfa and ABAB distinguish themselves by being close to their customers and offering quality with a people-oriented approach. Moreover, they are both impact-driven and not primarily profit-driven.

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The reasons why Alfa and ABAB are exploring a possible collaboration are numerous. Both parties have been advising entrepreneurs for years and want to contribute to a better world. Both offices want to be and remain an independent stable accounting and advisory organization. As for customers and the talent that is becoming increasingly scarce. Both offices benefit from the necessary investments in digital products and expansion of services due to economies of scale. This makes it logical for Alfa and ABAB to explore how both parties can strengthen each other.


The parties are discussing the design of the possible collaboration. Depending on the outcomes and after obtaining the necessary advice and approvals, a possible merger could take place in the first half of 2024. Of course, in addition to the aforementioned advice, consultation and approvals, account is taken of the required co-determination and regulatory processes (including ACM and AFM).

About ABAB

ABAB is a business partner for entrepreneurs and offers a wide range of advisory services in addition to accountancy services. With almost one hundred years of experience and seven hundred committed employees, spread over fifteen locationsABAB helps companies reach their potential. ABAB doesn’t only work for entrepreneurs, but  also togetherwith entrepreneurs. The specialists at ABAB know their profession, as well as the sector. As of 2023, ABAB is the partner that removes obstacles and aims at stimulating entrepreneurship.
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About Alfa

Alfa is an organization of locally involved offices with proactive specialists who work for entrepreneurs in the SME and agricultural sector. Founded by and for entrepreneurs and active for more than 80 years. Alfa believes in the power of local entrepreneurship. The engine of the Dutch economy is kept running there. Through a combination of driven entrepreneurs and the network of involved families, enthusiastic employees and many supplying companies. With more than 35 branches and 1200 employees, Alfa offers (local) support in the field of accountancy, taxes, salary and personnel, subsidies, business advice, financial services and everything related to it. From a sustainable vision, so always future-oriented. Entrepreneurship with Alfa is growing big in what really counts. For more information, visit

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