Merger of Alfa and ABAB completed

18 June 2024

The merger between Alfa and ABAB is now complete. On June 17, the organizations will continue as aaff creating a powerful new entity with a combined annual revenue of 210 million euros. The new organization has no partner structure; instead, the 2000 colleagues at aaff are collectively 100% owners. This model has proven successful, as the first participation round was oversubscribed by 60%. 

Raad van bestuur

“Our goal is to build a company where entrepreneurship and employment go hand in hand,” said Fouk Tsang, Chairman of the Board of Directors at aaff. “Together, we are building an even stronger and more successful new company, ready to meet the challenges in the sector.” 

Making a difference everywhere 

The new organization looks forward to a future where customers are supported with the same dedication and expertise. With the merger, aaff now has nationwide coverage, allowing the organization to make a difference everywhere. This milestone marks an important step in the growth and development of the organization and confirms its position as a prominent market player. aaff aims to make a difference at the defining moments in the lives of its customers. 

A Company where everyone is an entrepreneur 

“We are entrepreneurs who advise, audit, and support other entrepreneurs. Together, we are building a company where every employee feels like an entrepreneur, and where we collectively combine our strengths to succeed. Looking at the success of the participation scheme, I am particularly proud that so many colleagues truly feel this way,” said Vice Chairman Ronald Meijers. 

Crucial role of employees 

Arnoud Bosch, CFO, adds: “Our shared vision allows us to bring a different voice to the market. By choosing employee equity, we emphasize our belief in the power of our employees and their crucial role in the success and growth of our organization.” 

New name aaff will be in effect from 2025 

The new name aaff was announced in April. Although aaff is not an acronym, it does contain a nod to Alfa and ABAB and the profession: advisors and accountants. In 2024, communication will still be from ABAB and Alfa. Starting in 2025, communication will be from the new name aaff.