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Global Mobility Services

Entrepreneurship is often not bound by national borders. The same goes for employees. Some employees are employed by an employer outside their country of residence. Other employees make business trips to a country other than their usual country of work. And sometimes an employee goes to work on behalf of an employer in another country for a short or longer period of time. In all these cases, you as an employer have to deal with the applicable law in both the original country of employment and the country where the work is performed.

Legal and tax guidance for employers and expats

Complex international and national laws and regulations are associated with all types of cross-border employment. In a growing and rapidly changing international labour market, it is important that you obtain the right advice in good time. 

ABAB Global Mobility Services has in-house expertise for legal and tax support for employers and expats. We act as a sparring partner in making strategic decisions in the field of cross-border employment and we familiarise international employers and their employees with the Dutch labour market culture.

Global Mobility Services for employers with employees living or working outside the Netherlands

Do your employees work or live in whole or in part outside the Netherlands? In that case, the advisors of ABAB Global Mobility Services are happy to assist you. For example, concerning the following topics:

  • guidance of cross-border workers;
  • advice on legal and tax issues;
  • advice on social insurance;
  • advice and support with salary splits and special regimes, such as the 30% facility;
  • assistance with the personal income tax;
  • support in drafting legal agreements;
  • coordination of contact and request for advice to our foreign network partners, such as PrimeGlobal

Global Mobility Services for a foreign employer who settles in the Netherlands or hires employees here

ABAB Global Mobility Services assists employers who establish themselves in the Netherlands. For example, concerning the following topics:

  • support with the registration of your company in the Netherlands;
  • assessment of tax obligations in the Netherlands;
  • advice and support in setting up a remuneration structure and conducting a Dutch payroll administration;
  • assistance with salary split;
  • assessment of social security position;
  • advice on applicable employment law and assistance with the implementation of applicable legislation.

Global Mobility Services for employers with temporary staff in the Netherlands or foreign projects

Are you established outside the Netherlands? ABAB Global Mobility Services is happy to assist you with your possible tax-related or other obligations in the Netherlands, such as:

  • assessment of tax obligations;
  • guidance on Posted Workers Directive (administrative office, Waadi registration, terms and conditions of employment and A1 statement / Certificate of Coverage).

More information about Global Mobility Services

Would you like to know more about tax and/or legal support for you as an employer or expat? Please contact Clea Cremers, global mobility specialist - tax, on telephone number +31(0)77-3217715, e-mail.