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    Transfer pricing: a key tax issue

    An increasing number of companies are seeking to do business internationally. While this opens up many opportunities, there are also challenges.
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    The Netherlands - Tax and business guide 2020

    The 'Tax and business guide 2020' gives you an introduction of doing business in the Netherlands and a good view on the Netherlands tax and legal structure.
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    Coronacrisis: the Dutch government opts for advice and financial support

    This article describes the Dutch government's policy at this moment in time.
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    Fiscal consequences of the coronavirus

    The corona pandemic (COVID-19) affects people around the globe. The economy is not being spared. Needed products are becoming scarcer, for example.
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    Shorter duration for the 30 percent-ruling

    The Council of Ministers has agreed to the proposal put forward by the State Secretary of Finance to shorten the duration of the so-called 30% Ruling from eight to five years as of 1 January 2019.
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    Brexit news: fiscal consequences concerning Brexit withdrawal agreement published

    Per February 1st 2020 the UK has left the EU. In order for the UK to withdraw from the EU, the UK and the EU have closed a withdrawal agreement.
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    Introduction of UBO register in the Netherlands

    The introduction of UBO register has been deferred. Nonetheless, the mandatory registration of organisation UBO's with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce is near
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    Tax credits for foreign taxpayers

    As of 1 January 2019, the (full) tax portion of the tax credits may not be taken into account in the wage tax of foreign taxable employees.
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    Obligation to report foreign employees becomes mandatory in the Netherlands

    As of 1 March 2020, foreign service providers within the EEEA and Switzerland will be required to notify temporary work in the Netherlands.