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    Cross-border employees: three issues you need to address

    Your employees do not only work in the Netherlands but also in other countries within the EU and/or worldwide. You must have arranged these three issues for these international employees.
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    Additional tax assessments for employees residing in Belgium

    The Belgian tax authorities send information requests to Belgian residents with a Dutch employer. Beware of additional Belgian tax assessment.
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    Country-by-Country reporting notification 2019

    With this announcement we would like to gently remind you the Country-by-Country (CbC) reporting notification requirements (FY 2019) in the Netherlands.
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    ABAB chooses Brainport Industries Campus

    ABAB Accountants and Advisors has opened an office at Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) in Eindhoven (NL).
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    As from 2021, modifications in e-commerce and online platforms

    As from 2021, the VAT rules for online platforms will change. Online platforms play an important role in e-commerce and are becoming increasingly larger and more international in nature.
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    As from 2021, foreign VAT on distance sales

    The VAT rules for distance sales are changing as from 2021. The various threshold amounts per Member State will disappear.
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    As from 2020, simplified rules for call-off stock

    Four changes in the VAT system, the "quick fixes", will take effect from 1 January 2020. Three of these changes refer to new rules for the simplification of intra-Community transactions.
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    As from 2020, VAT simplification schemes for international trade in goods: quick fixes

    From 1 January 2020, four changes – called the "quick fixes" – will take effect in the VAT system. We will discuss three changes in this article.
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    Modification of the role of substance requirements

    In corporation and dividend taxation, certain forms of anti-avoidance provisions do not apply if so-called substance requirements are met.