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  1. Article
    22 May 2024

    FASTER: Faster retrieval of Foreign Withholding Tax?

    The EU Council approved the FASTER Directive on May 14. It harmonizes procedures for reclaiming and exempting withholding tax, enabling faster, easier refunds across the EU.
  2. Article
    15 May 2024

    Alfa Accountants and Advisors and ABAB are exploring a possible merger

    ABAB and Alfa explore merger for combined strengths, services, and employee ownership, aiming to lead in SME accounting with impact-driven approach.
  3. Article
    8 May 2024

    Transfer pricing and VAT: More clarity soon

    The complex relationship between transfer pricing adjustments in corporate tax and VAT is under scrutiny, with ECJ inquiries seeking clarity.
  4. Article
    8 May 2024

    Posting employees to the Netherlands

    For international employment in NL, Dutch laws apply. Seconded employees and employers must follow EU and NL regulations. ABAB International aids compliance.
  5. Article
    7 May 2024

    Posted employees? Take Dutch employment law into account

    An international employment relationship can be subject to Dutch employment law. Will your employees be working in the Netherlands for a longer period of time? Read more.
  6. Article
    6 May 2024

    Extra attention required for VAT for cross-border delivery of goods with installation or assembly

    There is extra attention required for VAT for cross-border delivery of goods with installation or assembly.
  7. News
    28 February 2024

    What is the 30% facility and how to apply for it

    Employees who come to work in the Netherlands from abroad sometimes incur additional costs. You pay the employee a reimbursement for these costs and keep the invoices in your records as evidence.
  8. Reference
    30 January 2024

    'All knowledge regarding NEN certification available'

    ABAB Global Mobility Services supports Dekimo in obtaining NEN certification.
  9. Article
    24 January 2024

    The work-related costs scheme for foreign employers in the Netherlands: the options

    In Dutch tax law, all employer payments or provisions to employees are wages, not all taxed. Proper use of the work-related costs scheme allows tax-free benefits.