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  1. Article
    5 May 2021

    Posted employees? Take Dutch employment law into account.

    An international employment relationship can be subject to Dutch employment law. Will your employees be working in the Netherlands for a longer period of time? Read more.
  2. News
    13 April 2021

    Belgium enhances teleworking supervision

    Due to corona, it is mandatory to work from home in Belgium. Only if this is truly impossible, an exception can be made.
  3. Article
    2 March 2021

    VAT rules for vouchers: how does it work?

    Vouchers are now subject to new VAT rules as a result of the EU Voucher Directive. The aim of this Directive is to harmonize the VAT processes for EU vouchers within the EU.
  4. Article
    11 February 2021

    Avoid unnecessarily high tax interest in the Netherlands

    Both companies and individuals can be charged tax interest if they have to pay additional tax.
  5. Article
    4 February 2021

    Transfer pricing aspects of cash pooling arrangements

    Cash pooling arrangements are principally commercial arrangements with a third party bank and not to be entered into for tax reasons. There is however guidance on the transfer pricing.
  6. Article
    19 January 2021

    New VAT rules for e-commerce

    As of the first of July 2021, new VAT regulations for e-commerce will enter into force. The regulations affect entrepreneurs selling goods (online) to private consumers in other European countries.
  7. Article
    15 January 2021

    Refund Dividend taxes for non-resident shareholders

    On 25 April 2016 the Dutch tax authorities released a Decree that is important for non-resident shareholders of equity interests that are smaller than 5% of the total capital.
  8. Article
    12 January 2021

    International employment contract? Keep this in mind

    In an international employment relationship, the law applicable to the employment contract is important.
  9. Article
    7 January 2021

    Do you do business abroad? Nine things you should know about the Brexit deal

    Doing business with the UK has changed significantly from 1 January 2021.If you do business abroad, you need to know these nine topics.