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International VAT

ABAB International is an independent member of PrimeGlobal, an extensive international network of independent accounting and business advisory firms. As a result, we are excellently positioned to provide you with optimal support for all your international VAT issues.

How can our international VAT specialists be of service to you?

At ABAB, we aim to be of value by sharing knowledge, providing advice, and offering insight. Our services include:

  • VAT advice for all your VAT-related issues: From basic advice to complex matters, our experts are ready to guide you through all aspects of VAT legislation.
  • Conducting Due Diligence inquiries/VAT reviews: Thorough research and reviews to ensure that your VAT processes comply with the prevailing standards and are efficiently managed.
  • Optimization of your supply chain: We assist you in identifying opportunities to optimize your supply chain and minimize VAT costs.
  • Support with compliance in other countries: Including VAT registrations, VAT declarations, and other compliance obligations in international jurisdictions.
  • Handling objection and appeal procedures: If necessary, we represent you in objection and appeal procedures to protect your interests.
  • Development of a Tax Control Framework: Establishing a robust framework to manage and improve your tax position and comply with legal requirements.

The complexity of Value Added Tax (VAT) and the continual changes in legislation make VAT of significant importance to your business. Discover how you can minimize VAT costs, optimize your VAT position, and manage compliance risks.

Cross-border transactions

Are you planning to perform work in another EU country or do you intend to sell goods to foreign entrepreneurs? Then you must take into account the different VAT regulations that can vary per EU country. Depending on your activities abroad, you may need to register for VAT in another EU country or the VAT is reverse charged to your customer. We can advise you, contribute ideas, and provide support by taking work off your hands.

Are you curious about your options? Please contact Anne Kin, our international VAT specialist, for a free introductory conversation.

VAT guidance for your transactions

Our international VAT specialist have all the expertise needed to guide you through all your VAT issues. We act as a sparring partner in making strategic decisions and help you navigate VAT legislation.

More information

If you want to learn more about VAT, please contact Anne Kin, VAT specialist at ABAB International, at phone number 013-5915125 or send Anne an email.