General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions applicable to engagements awarded to companies within the ABAB Group, hereafter called the contractor, filed with the Chamber of Commerce under number 18053764.

The general terms and conditions apply to the following companies:

  • ABAB Accountants B.V., number 18028690;

  • ABAB Belastingadviseurs en Juristen B.V., number 17197860;

  • ABAB International B.V., number 17197865;

  • ABAB Consultants B.V., number 17197868;

  • ABAB Salaris- en Personeelsdiensten B.V., number 17189972;

  • ABAB Vastgoedadvies B.V., number 16061193;

  • ABAB Corporate Finance B.V., number 17125339;

  • SubsidieFocus B.V., number 18056288.