As ABAB we want to be of significance, also for our living environment. Sustainability is therefore an important theme for us, for our customers, employees and the climate. We are aware of our social responsibility and are committed to making a restorative contribution to our planet.

Help with sustainable entrepreneurship

ABAB helps entrepreneurs to do business sustainably. We proactively think about integrating sustainability into our customers' business operations. We also advise on tax benefits to be achieved and possible subsidies in the field of sustainability.

Sustainable employability 

ABAB is made by all of us. All colleagues, all shareholders and all partners. That is why we believe it is important that our people can be employed sustainably. We therefore offer extensive opportunities for training, talent development and career coaching. We also pay a lot of attention to vitality, for example by:

  • The options to determine your own working hours and work location.
  • Providing a good office chair, screen and headset at the home workplace.
  • An annual leave balance of no less than 33 days and the option to purchase 5 additional days.
  • Organising competitions to encourage exercise at work.

Diversity and inclusion

We think it is important that all our colleagues feel that they belong, can participate and feel safe within our organisation. We therefore pay continuous attention to the themes of diversity and inclusivity. We do this in our recruitment and selection policy, for example by offering places to people with disabilities or refugees where possible. But also by regularly discussing these themes with our employees. This way we ensure that everyone within ABAB feels comfortable and can be themselves. 

In the middle of society

ABAB is at the heart of society and also encourages its employees to contribute to this. For example, ABAB is a knowledge partner of InnovatieTafels, an independent national platform for entrepreneurs, knowledge partners and experts who work together on innovation and stimulate sustainable and future-oriented entrepreneurship. We are also involved as a partner with Agriterra, an organisation that promotes agricultural cooperatives in developing countries.

Our employees are active as volunteers in associations, as councillors, in (municipal) boards, as guest lecturers in educational institutions and in a supervisory capacity at other organisations and companies. We reward employees who are committed to a good cause with eight hours of paid leave every year. 

Reducing and compensating CO2 emissions

In our business operations we strive to be regenerative: to give more than we take and therefore to leave our living environment better than we found it. ABAB translates this, for example, into energy-positive buildings, digitisation of our business operations, limiting and separating our waste, and clean mobility. This means that new drivers can only choose a fully electric car. This will make our entire fleet fully electric within five years.

We are reducing our CO2 emissions as far as possible through various initiatives. We compensate the remaining emissions through FairClimateFund biogas projects. These Gold Standard and/or Fairtrade certified climate projects benefit people in vulnerable areas. 

Would you like more information?

At ABAB we like to be of significance. By sharing knowledge, giving advice and providing insight. Would you like more information? Contact us via telephone number 013-4647100 or send us an email.