"Improve the health of your company by transforming challenges into results. That is why we were founded 100 years ago - in 1924 - and that remains our purpose to this very day. We will help you realise your dreams and give you peace of mind by offering advice as well as support. Our professionals are advisers, problem-solvers and coaches, all rolled into one. We can thus jointly find the best solution for a healthy and future-proof business. By working closely with you, we can also make difficult moments memorable." Ronald Meijers, group management chairman

100 years of ABAB 

This year ABAB celebrates its 100th anniversary. An anniversary year full of impact and developments. Read everything on our special ‘100 years of ABAB’ page

An extension of your company

We are an extension of your company. Although we work for you, we mainly work with you. After all, high-quality service is only possible if you, as client, can work effectively with us, as advisers. We offer relevant knowledge and do things on your behalf, so that you can focus on what you are good at: running your business. We allow you to get the best out of yourself and your company.

Burgundian Reliability

You can count on us. Reliability is extremely important to us. And we make hard work pleasant for both parties; after all, enjoyment is an important source of energy.

Encourage activity

We generate energy wherever we go. Before we focus on your improvement potential, we want to understand what is going well and why. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and our courage to ask difficult questions, we can work with you to make sure that your company remains on the move.

Innovative and multi-disciplinary

We have a wide range of in-house specialists but also have solid relationships with external partners. This allows us to boost innovation while realising the limits of our own capabilities. We collaborate in multi-disciplinary market cells, so that we not only understand our profession, but also your sector and personal context.

100 years of significance

You want to make a difference as an entrepreneur. For customers, employees, shareholders, the environment and society in general. But you will often need help to achieve this. This involves specific knowledge, but also insights and advice about the status of your company, whether it relates to employees, finances, or rights and obligations. This requires a business partner that makes a meaningful contribution, so that you can make a difference.

Group management

The group management ensures the integrated management of the various ABAB business units, shorter lines and natural cooperation at the top. The group management members focus primarily on jointly managing the ABAB Group and secondarily on the tasks associated with their portfolio. The members have an equal vote and make decisions by consensus.

Group management composition

Ronald Meijers CEO, in addition to group management chairman, responsible for Innovation, ICT and Finance & Stewardship
Inge van Berkel-Stuifbergen Human Experience (HX) and Secretariat
Chantal van Bussel Quality & Sustainability
Erik Gilden Practice of preparing financial statements
Gert-Jan Haanen Consultancy, responsible for Epiic, Corporate Finance, Strategy Advice/Agro Advice, HX Advice and Business Development Advice
Jean Laugs Practice of preparing financial statements
Ineke Nouwens Customer Experience (CX), responsible for Sales and Marketing, Market Management and Communication
Peter Roeland Tax advice, also responsible for Legal and Salary and Personnel Services
Marco van der Voorden Audit & Assurance

Supervisory Board

The supervisory board (SB) supervises the management's policy and the general course of affairs. It assists the board with advice. In addition, the Supervisory Board fulfils an employer role towards the board. The starting points for the Supervisory Board are the public interest, the quality and independence of the organisation. These factors are central to the assessment of (strategic) policy or decisions to be taken.

The supervisory role of the Supervisory Board is fulfilled conscientiously. The council sees communication between involved parties - conducted from the perspectives of the various stakeholders and various disciplines - as the basis for good supervision. In addition, the supervisory board acts as a sounding board in discussions about social, technological and political developments that may affect ABAB.

The supervisory board consists of five independent members:

  • drs. A.E. (Arnout) Traas RA, Supervisory Board chairman
  • drs. E. (Ellen) Schuit, Supervisory Board member
  • drs. R.L.J.C. (Ronald) Snepvangers RA, Supervisory Board member

Would you like more information?

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