How do you start a company or organisational structure in the Netherlands?

26 April 2022

With a pleasant, personal cooperation, the Turkish Business Desk is happy to help you set up a company in the Netherlands. We can assist you in all business areas. In this way, you can successfully start up your company and make the right decisions to make it more successful. If desired, our involved consultants communicate with you in the Turkish language.

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Süheyl Karakaya Tax advisor

Why do business in the Netherlands as a Turkish entrepreneur?

The Netherlands has a strategic location in Europe and has a good logistics and technological infrastructure. It has an open economy with an innovative character. The Dutch government is continuously working on improving the business climate in the Netherlands. This translates, among other things, into a tax-efficient policy, from which you as a foreign entrepreneur directly benefit. The Netherlands offers foreign entrepreneurs various opportunities. We help internationally oriented companies to make the most of these opportunities by providing them with financial, legal and fiscal support.

Company structure: what to think about

It is important that you set up a correct company structure, regardless of whether you want to expand abroad from the Netherlands, or whether you are based abroad and want to do business in the Netherlands. Every country has different and complex tax regulations. It will offer you many advantages and opportunities to set up your company structure properly.

Which company structure is right for you depends on many factors. For example, the type of activities, the chosen legal form or the place where the various business activities actually take place.

Our consultants analyse your existing company structure, your international ambitions and the possibilities and limitations of doing business in the Netherlands. Based on this analysis, we advise you with our personal and effective way of working together about the possible company structures and the associated advantages and disadvantages.

Setting up company structure and obligations

The Turkish Business Desk consultants are happy to support you in setting up the chosen company structure and in meeting the tax and legal obligations that apply to you. This includes registering your company, activating the various tax numbers, preparing the tax returns, compiling annual accounts, Audit & Assurance, payroll administration and other aspects of your business operations.

Would you like support in (international) entrepreneurship or setting up a Dutch entity?

Our Turkish Business Desk consultants are happy to help you. Would you like support in setting up your Turkish company in the Netherlands or abroad? Or would you simply like to exchange ideas about your international ambitions? We would be happy to discuss these topics with you. Feel free to contact tax consultant  Süheyl Karakaya, for a personal introductions at phone number +31(0)13-5915176 or send Süheyl an email.

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