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Johan van Eemeren, together with his wife, manages the Leuven branch of the electronics giant Dekimo. The company specializes in electronics and Printed Circuit Boards. ABAB Global Mobility Services supports Dekimo in obtaining NEN certification.

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Johan van Eemeren, Dekimo

Dekimo is a leading independent provider of electronics solutions with 400 professionals and locations in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and Germany. The range of services and products is extensive, including on-site consultancy, in-house development of software and electronics, mechatronics solutions, and compliance measurements and testing. Dekimo Leuven specializes in the layout, assembly, and series production of electronics and printed circuit boards.

Family business origin 

Johan van Eemeren: "Our company has been in existence for over 30 years, and we have extensive experience in electronics and software development in sectors where products are enriched with smart technologies, such as industry, automotive & (aero)space, pharma, healthcare, telecom, banking, etc. With our specific knowledge and expertise in Leuven, we work for prominent clients both domestically and internationally. Originally, this branch is a family business that my wife and I founded in 1990. In 2008, we joined Dekimo."

NEN 4400-2 certification 

Thanks to the integration, both the customer and employee base have significantly grown. Currently, more than thirty professionals work there, and clients increasingly come from abroad. Johan says, "This demands a different way of doing business and specific knowledge of regulations. More and more clients asked us for NEN 4400-2 certification. This standard describes the requirements a company must meet to demonstrably comply with 'labor obligations.' This includes things like correct declaration and payment of payroll taxes, value-added taxes, and social insurance premiums, as well as conducting identity checks and checks on the right to work in the Netherlands. It's specific expertise, for which we sought professional assistance from ABAB Global Mobility Services."

Extensive experience with audits 

Johan's wife is Dutch and was familiar with ABAB. The contact was quickly established. Johan says, "Additionally, we regularly collaborate with the Dekimo Experts branch in Eindhoven. As a Dutch company, they have the NEN 4400-1 certification. Our NEN 4400-2 certification is a valuable addition within the group and necessary because we are also active in the Dutch market from Belgium. Thanks to the efforts of ABAB Global Mobility Services, we now have the required certification. How was ABAB significant for us? Two consultants guided us, and it went excellently. You can tell that ABAB has a lot of experience with audits. We entrust the audit process to them with confidence. We have now organized our affairs completely. Together, we have reviewed and optimized the personnel administration, contracts, and employment conditions, allowing us to obtain the necessary SNA certificate. Internally, we have acquired the necessary expertise through training. For the semi-annual follow-up audits, we still receive support from an ABAB consultant."

Expansion in the Netherlands 

Johan says, "The added value of ABAB Global Mobility Services lies on multiple levels. Firstly, the consultants have extensive knowledge and experience, both legally and fiscally. This combination is valuable because broad knowledge is required for this NEN certification. The consultants have most of the knowledge readily available, and for the rest, they can rely on their team. In addition to knowledge and experience, which are crucial, we also find the collaboration very pleasant. After a somewhat formal start, partly due to the pandemic and virtual meetings, we got to know each other personally, and the relationship quickly became friendly. I look back with pleasure on the collaboration, and I am glad that we are now fully prepared to shape our further expansion in the Netherlands."

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