‘The acquisition went smoothly from start to finish’


Software company PieterBas Automatisering employs 25 staff members and focuses specifically on the Dutch waste and recycling sector. It supplies logistical and administrative software to automate processes for waste collection, transport, recycling and processing companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. The business has been an ABAB client for twenty years, using ABAB's services for payroll administration, accountancy services and tax and subsidy advice. The company was recently taken over by AMCS Group, an international player in the area of IT solutions for the waste and recycling industry. ABAB Corporate Finance helped steer the takeover. ‘The takeover process went smoothly from start to finish.’

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Pieter Bas Buskens, PieterBas Automatisering
Pieter Bas Buskens of PieterBas Automatisering

An eye on the future

The former owners, brothers Pieter Bas Buskens and Hans Buskens, had always kept an eye on the future, not only in terms of innovation and the development of the business itself, but also with regard to keeping the business streamlined and in optimal condition for a possible future takeover. Just when the brothers were discussing the company’s positioning with ABAB Corporate Finance’s account manager Peter van den Hurk and senior corporate finance advisor Rob van Boxtel, they were approached by AMCS Group about a takeover bid. ‘It was really positive that we could make use of ABAB’s services during the takeover. We wanted to work with a trusted partner’, says Pieter Bas Buskens.

Fixed team of specialists

The business was support through the whole process by a fixed team of ABAB specialists. ‘We had most contact with Rob Van Boxtel and senior business lawyer Rogier Kersten, but other specialists were brought in at the right moments. The entire process just ran smoothly and quickly.’ Buskens was also impressed by how easy it was to get in touch with the specialists. ‘Rob and Rogier were always available and prepared to go above and beyond the call of duty, even outside normal office hours. It’s really helpful to be able to get in touch on a Friday afternoon to go over any possible concerns or obstacles – it means you can go into the weekend feeling relaxed.’

International business

The company was taken over by an international group based in Ireland. ‘ABAB’s knowledge and experience were very useful here. Rob prepared us very well for what we would have to deal with during the process, including any difficult questions. We really valued this proactive way of working.’ The process required a lot of back-and-forth between several large parties. ‘The ABAB specialists were a good counterweight to the people involved on the other side, and communicating in English was not a problem.’ 

AMCS Group CEO also satisfied

After the takeover was complete, AMCS Group’s CEO complimented ABAB to Buskens. ‘It was good to hear that their CEO was satisfied with ABAB, too. He said he thought they were a good partner to do business with, and that it was helpful that one company offers a full range of services.’ Buskens would definitely recommend ABAB to other entrepreneurs. ‘ABAB's size worked well for us. It offers a full range of services, but it still feels like you have direct contact with people, which is really pleasant.’

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