ABAB chooses Brainport Industries Campus

3 April 2021

ABAB has opened an office at Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) in Eindhoven (NL). From this location, ABAB's subsidy consultants will support innovative entrepreneurs in the high-tech manufacturing industry by identifying financial opportunities, and drafting subsidy applications through to their final determination.

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Roy Hoven Directeur Epiic
King opens Brainsport Industries Campus

ABAB was searching for a location which brought together the prime sectors of High Tech Systems and Materials, ICT, and Logistics. Lots of investments are being made in innovation and sustainability in the Brainport region in Eindhoven. This region is also unique with respect to the collaboration and sharing of knowledge among the high-tech, manufacturing and education sectors. ABAB is establishing itself at BIC in the heart of the Dutch manufacturing industry, where all these sectors converge. The choice for Brainport Industries was therefore a logical one. The bundling of research & development activities of various parties at BIC means ABAB can contribute to the technological advancement and development of these companies.

The subsidy consultation team at ABAB works together with a broad range of entrepreneurs; from start-ups and SMEs, to listed companies both inside and outside the Netherlands. ABAB is also focusing on cooperating with knowledge and educational institutions. It's working with authorities, the academic world and the business community on raising innovation to the next level.

Foto: Ferdinand Gremmen, directeur SDK Vastgoed and koning Willem-Alexander
BIC/SDK Vastgoed 

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Portrait photo of Roy Hoven
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