ABAB demonstrates new approach in promise and logo

9 June 2022

ABAB has been an adviser and business partner to entrepreneurs for almost 100 years. ABAB wants to improve the health of companies by transforming challenges into results. But it also wants to be of service to all its stakeholders. ABAB has made a new promise to demonstrate this new approach.

Ondernemer en adviseur in gesprek over nieuwe koers ABAB

ABAB, Of significance

Entrepreneurs want to make a difference. Not only for customers or shareholders, but also for employees, partners and society in general. But they need help if they are to be successful. Besides specific knowledge, this includes insights and advice about the status of their company, as well as their personal role, whether it relates to employees, finances, or rights and obligations. This requires a business partner that makes a meaningful contribution, so that entrepreneurs can make a difference. For instance, ABAB prioritises impact and innovation, and implements long-term initiatives that support fundamental social transitions, like the InnovatieTafels (Innovation Roundtables) for the food industry. In addition, it teaches managers how to focus on the essence of their day-to-day activities, instead of measurable results. But it also defines sustainability policy that goes beyond simply being CO2-neutral, and takes action via task forces in the field of health, inclusiveness and climate positivism. These initiatives are always based on an appreciative and challenging interpersonal experience: from Human Resources to Human Experience. This principle has resulted in a promise: ABAB, Of significance


ABAB is now a partner that removes obstacles and helps entrepreneurs to realise their dreams. And a partner that inspires, offers solicited and unsolicited feedback, and transforms challenges into results. ABAB is increasingly becoming an extension of its clients. This involves being more than just ‘accountants & advisers’; that is a good reason to remove this reference from the company logo.

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