Setting up an international business structure

Are you considering to perform cross-border activities or are you already performing cross-border activities? Then it is important that your multinational company has a correct and solid business structure. Within the international web of often complicated (tax) legislation that differs per country, a solid business structure will provide you with possibilities and chances.

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Jeroen Geers Directeur ABAB International

Which structure is correct for you and your company, depends on a multitude of factors, such as:

  • the type of activities you are performing;
  • the chosen legal form of your company;
  • the place where your company actually performs the activities.

ABAB International is specialised in the fiscal and legal accompaniment of multinationals. Whether you want to expand your activities from the Netherlands to other countries or you want to expand your activities from other countries to the Netherlands; our specialists analyse your business structure, taking into account your international ambitions and the (fiscal) possibilities and limitations of the country to which you wish to expand your activities. Based on that analysis, we can advice you about the possibilities regarding the business structure and the pro’s an con’s that come with each structure.

Of course we can also assist you with the implementation of the business structure. After the set-up of the company, we can make sure your company complies with all the fiscal and legal obligations, such as:

  • registration of your company;
  • application and activation of the relevant tax identification numbers;
  • annual corporate tax returns and/or income tax returns;
  • value added tax (VAT) returns.

PrimeGlobal: local contacts in a professional international network

More and more companies are operating across the borders. In order to turn your cross-border activities into a success, it is important to have knowledge of the international tax legislation and the local tax legislation of the different jurisdictions in which your company operates, and apply all legislation correctly. This is why ABAB International is an independant member firm of the world-wide and reknowned PrimeGlobal network. PrimeGlobal is an international partnership of over 300 accountancy and advisory firms. The network enables us to take into account the local legislation of different countries and thus provide you with high quality professional (tax) advice and support regarding your cross-border-activities. Via PrimeGlobal we can also provide you with high quality local advisors, who can assist you and your company to meet the local (fiscal) requirements (such as income tax returns) correctly and timely.

Want to know more about international business structures? Our specialist will gladly assist you!

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Portretfoto van Jeroen Geers
Directeur ABAB International