Fiscal advisory and support for employers and expats

When you perform cross-border activities, it may be desirable or even necessary to detach employees to other countries, or you may need to detach employees to the Netherlands from another country. Detached employees are usually subjected to the tax system of (at least) two different countries.  Every country has its own (often complicated) legislation. 

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On top of the local legislation, several countries signed tax treaties and/or made other arrangements in order to prevent double taxation. All these regulations, legislations and arrangements make that the detachment of employees across the border requires a lot of time, effort and knowledge of the national and international juridicial and fiscal legislation. ABAB International has all the knowlegde, the tools and the specialists  in order to fully accompany employers and/or their employees with all the juridical and fiscal procedures.

Our services include for example:

  • filling in your Dutch income tax returns;
  • advisory regarding juridical and fiscal questions;
  • advisory regarding social security;
  • advisory and support regarding salary splits and other specific provisions (such as the 30%-provision).

We are also fully equipped to assist you with the registration of your company in the Netherlands, including the application of the relevant tax identification numbers and setting up the payroll administration.

PrimeGlobal: local contacts in a professional international network

More and more companies are operating across the borders. In order to turn your cross-border activities into a success, it is important to have knowledge of the international tax legislation and the local tax legislation of the different jurisdictions in which your company operates, and apply all legislation correctly. This is why ABAB International is an independant member firm of the world-wide and reknowned PrimeGlobal network. PrimeGlobal is an international partnership of over 300 accountancy and advisory firms. The network enables us to take into account the local legislation of different countries and thus provide you with high quality professional (tax) advice and support regarding your cross-border-activities. Via PrimeGlobal we can also provide you with high quality local advisors, who can assist you and your company to meet the local (fiscal) requirements (such as income tax returns) correctly and timely.


Want to know more about tax support to expats? Our specialist will gladly assist you!

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