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Pension advice

An optimal old-age pension for you and your employees

ABAB Pension advice offers support in realizing an optimal pension scheme for employers and business owners. Our pension advisors are legally certified, members of various professional organizations and have been working in the pension industry for many years. As a result, they can quickly understand any situation and provide you with expert and independent advice about the pension scheme for your employees.

Pension advice for employers

Pension advice for employers focuses on setting up, changing and managing your collective pension scheme and communication with your employees. This entails the necessary risks and obligations and therefore requires specific knowledge and expertise. Our pension advisers have the right knowledge and experience to make this complex matter clear and transparent. We do not only take the current financial situation into account, but also the future of your company. The pension scheme must be affordable now and in the future.

Pension advice for business owners

As a business owner you are used to looking forward and taking initiative. You make decisions about the continuity and future of your company. But what about your own financial future? Is it also guaranteed? Our pension advisers know your options. Together we look at your personal situation, wishes and requirements. In this way we can create a tailor-made pension solution for you.

Payroll and pension

You are obliged to maintain an adequate pension scheme for payroll employees. In other words: their pension scheme must be equal to that of employees with a permanent employment with the hirer. What options do you have and what are the minimum conditions that this arrangement must meet? Get answers to these questions in contact with our pension advisors. 

Pension communication

As an employer, you have an important function in pension communication. It is not sufficient to share only the communication of pension providers. The legislation of the Pension Communication Act, makes you responsible for your employees' awareness of pensions and the choices they make. This requires knowledge and expertise that you might not have. ABAB Pension Communication can provide the employees all necessary information.

Pension agreement

The pension agreement contains new pension regulations. These should make the system more transparent and individual. The new pension system will come into effect in 2027. What consequences does this have for the employer and the employees? One thing is certain, all existing pension schemes need to be adjusted. Read all about the pension agreement and the main points .

More information?

Would you like to know more about the services of ABAB Pension advice? Contact Bart van de Wouw, senior pension advisor, on telephone number 013-4647287 or send Bart an e-mail .