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Audit and Assurance

Statutory and voluntary audits for your organisation

The accountants of Audit and Assurance perform statutory and voluntary audits for (inter)national companies. Our work results in an independent opinion on your financial affairs. This gives you insight into your business operations. We operate in teams of experienced accountants. And form multidisciplinary teams of experts for specific issues. ABAB has a WTA licence for performing statutory audits.

IT-audits en advice

Developments in the area of information technology are having an ever-greater impact. An enormous amount of information is available, and companies need to take advantage of this in order to remain successful. We help you to monitor IT risks and the quality of your IT management organisation. We can guide you through complex IT change processes using IT audits, assurance, risk analyses and data analyses.

More information 

For more information about audits and advice, please contact Marco van der Voorden on +31 (0)13-4647259 or by email.